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About Masutami Kawaguchi


I was born in October of 1967 in Osaka. In 1979, when I was 12 years old, my family and I moved to New Jersey, USA. I spent five years of my adolescence in USA before returning to Japan in 1984.


After returning to Japan, I studied theology as my major at Doshisha University In Kyoto. It was not because often religion and alcohol are related, but while I was a student I became interested in the bar business. Even when I was a student, I started my first career as a bartender in "Gion", known as Japan's traditional "Geisha" town. Through my experience as a bartender for 10 years, I developed excellent skills in customer service.  I was about star my own bar and....


Suddenly the economy of Japan collapsed in 1991, because of Japan's economic bubble bursting. The bar business was badly effected and I was disappointed with the situation, so I decided to leave Gion. Instead of the bar business, I was introduced by a good friend of mine to "MK limousine service" as they were looking for a driver who has good communication skills with excellent English speaking ability. Yes, that was me!



In 1998, I joined MK limousine and completed the training soon after to start my career as a chauffeur and guide. I began to realize that my personality, developed from my childhood, was a perfect match for the chauffeur and guide business.  Moving around as child and as a result, transferring schools 7 times helped me to become flexible and open minded which exquisitely matches with my natural sense of humor, language skills and global sense gained in life in overseas, all of which are gifts for this business!


And for myself, I truly enjoy my work from the bottom of my heart, and also I'm very proud of this job! I always give a tour in Kyoto as if I was the ambassador of Kyoto. Working with MK limousine for almost 18 years, I learned and experienced more than people can think of, including meeting with the celebrities from all around the world and working with international governments, embassies, etc..


In February of 2017, I started my own business, MK private TAXI and have continued to introduce the wonderful city of Kyoto to travelers from all over the world.

After the pandemic of COVID-19, I have decided to renew my business name as…“MASU Private TAXI”

 I am looking forward to sharing this special city with you!

Best Regards  Masutami Kawaguchi




Including my current availability and my rate, if you have any questions please feel free to inquire.

MASU private TAXI
MASU private TAXI
MASU private TAXI

MASU private TAXI

MASU private TAXI